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Dinah Moore
Declutter Assistance offers personalised, dignified deceased estate clearance services to clients across Sydney.

With compassion and expertise, we are here to handle the emotional task of sorting through and managing your loved one’s belongings during what can be a very challenging time.

We are proud to provide an efficient, timely, respectful, and cost-effective service, from organising personal items to coordinating with relevant parties (including family members, executors, trustees, and others). Contact Dinah today for a personalised consultation and compassionate support as you navigate this challenging period.

Our Services Include:

Professional Deceased Estate Clearances Sydney-wide

1 x Person

$ 510
/6 Hours

2 x People

$ 990
/6 Hours

3 x People

$ 1,485
/6 Hours

Our Process

Dinah and her team provide caring and compassionate practical support during one of life’s most difficult tasks. Clearing out and organising the estate of a loved one is often an enormous undertaking. We understand these challenges and are here to help.
We will help you navigate the process and can manage it entirely on your behalf. This includes everything from identifying and photographing valuables and important documents and sending these to nominated people; organising and distributing nominated belongings; and arranging the donation or sale of unwanted items (including for auction). We can organise furniture removal, long-distance freight, and rubbish removal services, as well as help prepare the property for sale and liaise with real estate agents. We can also arrange for professional cleaners and tradesmen as required.
Step - 1

We will meet with you in the home to assess the estate and discuss your specific needs. This includes a property walk-through.

Step - 2

Once you have engaged our services, Dinah and her team will provide a formal plan, including the necessary logistics for the estate clearance.

Step - 3
Decluttering & Sorting

We will declutter and organise the estate, prioritising valuables, sentimental items, important documents, and specific nominated items.

Step - 4

We pack and arrange for the transport of items for family members and other relevant parties, storage, or donation. We ensure the property is ready for sale.

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About Dinah

Growing up on Sydney’s North Shore, Dinah has lived in Sydney all her adult life. A business owner since the age of twenty-one, Dinah worked in the corporate sector for several decades, running successful businesses, during which time she also raised her family. 

She has also always had a keen interest in helping others and in being more efficient and effective. She has completed training in Professional Organising and Decluttering, Mental Health First Aid, and Hoarding and Chronic Disorganisation.

Opting to leave the corporate sector, Dinah founded Declutter Assistance to help people to make a positive difference in their lives and has extensive experience working with people to help improve their lives through the services she provides.

Dinah is delighted to work with clients all over Sydney.

Dinah Moore

Frequently Asked Questions

Dinah and her team offer comprehensive deceased estate house clearance services. These include sorting, organizing, inventorying, arranging for cleaning and disposal, and if desired, assistance with selling valuable items. We strive to minimise landfill, ensuring as much as possible is recycled, upcycled, or donated.
We understand that this can be a difficult, emotional, and overwhelming time for you. Our process begins with a consultation at the property to assess the scope of the estate and discuss your specific needs. Once engaged, we handle all aspects of the clearance, from sorting and organizing everything from furniture to paperwork, to appropriately disposing of unwanted items and cleaning the property.
The timeline for each estate clearance varies, based on several factors including the estate’s size, the number of items to be cleared, and any other specific requirements. We always strive to complete the process efficiently and within your required timeframe.
We handle the belongings and assets in the estate with the utmost care and respect, working closely with you to identify items of sentimental or monetary value. We ensure that these are properly handled, preserved, and, if desired, made available for sale. Unwanted items are disposed of most appropriately and sustainably to find new homes and minimise the volume of goods discarded to landfill.
Yes! We can help facilitate the sale of valuable or unique items found in the estate. We engage reputable appraisers and auction houses to ensure fair sales on your behalf.
Our fees are tailored to the specific requirements of each estate clearance project. We provide a quote following our assessment consultation and this is based on factors such as the size of the estate, the complexity of the clearance, and any additional services requested. We are committed to being competitively, fairly priced and are known for our more affordable fees.
Absolutely. We offer free consultations to discuss your estate clearance needs, and we provide an initial estimate of the project’s scope and cost at the outset. From here we can work with you to provide a detailed and accurate proposal. Call Dinah today to have a chat and discover how she can help you.

Contact Dinah if you have any more questions.