Declutter with Dinah

Dinah Moore
A cluttered home can make you feel overwhelmed and unhappy – and nothing feels more liberating than a fresh, uncluttered space. Decluttering your home is like decluttering your life – and doing so will help you instantly feel happier and less stressed.

Dinah and her team offer a hands-on, professional decluttering service to help individuals with the overwhelming task of conquering a cluttered home. Our personalised home decluttering services are also ideal for people who experience chronic disorganisation and hoarding tendencies.

With understanding and respect, we provide practical assistance in sorting, categorising, and removing excess belongings to reveal a more manageable space. We do this while fully respecting the emotional attachments our clients may have to their possessions. We respect our client’s belongings at all times while encouraging them to create more space for themselves.

We offer one-off visits, regular visits, and project-based services. Contact Dinah anytime to regain control of your living space, improve the quality of your life, make your house a home, and feel happier.

Decluttering Packages for Sydney-based Clients

Half-Day Package

$ 265
3 Hours
Home decluttering and organising
Declutter a room, kitchen, or garage
Create space in your home
Hands-on, practical assistance
Help to sort and decide what to keep, donate, or discard
Disposing of items with the client’s consent
Kind, respectful decluttering assistance

Full-Day Package

$ 530
6 Hours
Home decluttering and organising
Hands-on, practical assistance for cluttered homes
Sort, categorise, and organise belongings
Organise items to keep, donate, or discard
Remove unwanted items with the client's consent
Declutter a room or a whole house
Non-judgemental, understanding assistance for a cluttered home

1 x Day Blitz

$ 995
2 x People | 6 Hours
Overwhelmed by clutter and mess?
Fast, hands on assistance for cluttered homes
Declutter a room, a garage, a whole house
Help to sort, discard, donate and keep
Kind, respectful,non-judgemental
Call Dinah to book a time today

3 x Day Blitz

$ 2,970
2 x People | 6 Hours | 3 Days
Enjoy the benefits of a huge house clean up
2 x people for 3 x Days
Fast, hands-on decluttering & home organising
Help to keep, sort, donate & discard
Kind, respectful, non judgemental
Call Dinah now to book a 3 Day Blitz

About Dinah

Growing up on Sydney’s North Shore, Dinah has lived in Sydney all her adult life. A business owner since the age of twenty-one, Dinah worked in the corporate sector for several decades, running successful businesses, during which time she also raised her family. 

She has also always had a keen interest in helping others and in being more efficient and effective. She has completed training in Professional Organising and Decluttering, Mental Health First Aid, and Hoarding and Chronic Disorganisation.

Opting to leave the corporate sector, Dinah founded Declutter Assistance intending to help people to make a positive difference in their lives and has extensive experience working with people to help improve their lives through the services she provides.

Dinah is delighted to work with clients all over Sydney.

Dinah Moore
Declutter Organizer

Frequently Asked Questions

Decluttering is the process of sorting, organizing, and removing unnecessary items from a living space. It can be applied to anything from a linen closet or pantry to a garage, office, or entire home. The goal of decluttering is to create a more functional, organised, manageable living environment.
We pride ourselves on our efficient decluttering services. The duration of the decluttering and home organising process varies, depending on the complexity and size of the space, as well as your individual needs. We offer a one-off service or regular weekly visits to suit your requirements. Contact Dinah to learn more.
Absolutely! We specialize in hoarding house cleaning, and our team is professionally trained to approach hoarding and chronic disorganisation with empathy, respect, and understanding. We offer supportive hoarding cleaning services to help you declutter even the most cluttered, messiest spaces to create a safer, more comfortable home.
Yes! Dinah and her team will work closely with you to help you identify essential items, prioritize sentimental belongings, and make informed choices you are comfortable with about what to keep and what to let go of.
It’s easy! Simply call Dinah or reach out via our GET QUOTE link on this page. We will schedule an initial consultation to meet with you at your home and assess your needs, discuss your goals, and create a customized plan for your decluttering journey. We look forward to it!

Contact Dinah if you have any more questions.