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Dinah Moore
We are delighted to offer personalised downsizing services for seniors to help our clients when they are transitioning to a smaller home, retirement village, or aged care facility.

Dinah and her dedicated team understand the unique needs and emotional considerations involved in downsizing for retirement or life’s later stages. We aim to make the entire process as seamless and stress-free as possible, by offering personalised, compassionate assistance to simplify the process of downsizing, decluttering, and sorting through a lifetime of belongings to determine what to keep, sell, donate, or discard.

We offer tailored downsizing plans, expert sorting and decluttering assistance, and seniors relocation support, including new home setup and organisation.

Our Services Include:

Professional Downsizing and Relocations Sydney-Wide

1 x Person

$ 530
/6 Hours

2 x People

$ 995
/6 Hours

3 x People

$ 1,485
/6 Hours

Our Process

Downsizing to a smaller home, retirement village, or aged care can be emotional – and it’s not easy to sort through a lifetime of belongings and memories. We are here to support you during this stressful period.

Dinah and her team of professional seniors relocation consultants are here to help you sort, select, and keep those items most important to you, assisting you to mindfully downsize the rest of your belongings by choosing what you wish to donate, sell, recycle, or dispose of. Our complete relocation service for seniors in Sydney can help you with whatever you need, every step of the way.

Step - 1

We will meet with you in your home to discuss what you need and your ideal timeline. We will create a plan for your specific requirements.

Step - 2

Strategies to organise and declutter, what to keep or discard, including sales and donations of items and new home set up.

Step - 3

We can help you with packing, organising removalists and other services, and coordinating the move with family members, real estate agents, retirement villages, and others.

Step - 4
New Home
New Home

Welcome to your new home! We can help you unpack, set up, and settle in, making your new space feel welcoming, comfortable, and yours!

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Help and Support
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About Dinah

Growing up on Sydney’s North Shore, Dinah has lived in Sydney all her adult life. A business owner since the age of twenty-one, Dinah worked in the corporate sector for several decades, running successful businesses, and during which time she also raised her family. 

She has also always had a keen interest in helping others and in being more efficient and effective. She has completed training in Professional Organising and Decluttering, Mental Health First Aid, and Hoarding and Chronic Disorganisation.

Opting to leave the corporate sector, Dinah founded Declutter Assistance with the goal of helping people to make a positive difference in their lives and has extensive experience working with people to help improve their lives through the services she provides.

Dinah is delighted to work with clients all over Sydney.

Dinah Moore

Frequently Asked Questions

Dinah specialises in guiding seniors through the downsizing process with understanding and compassion. She helps them sort and declutter their belongings, to make decisions about what to keep, donate, or sell, and creates a personalized plan for them to achieve a smooth transition to their new living arrangements.
Yes! As personal relocation agents in Sydney, we can handle all aspects of packing and moving. We make sure that all our client’s belongings are carefully, safely packed, transported, and unpacked in their new home.
Of course! We can help our clients identify those items that can be sold or donated, and we will coordinate with auction houses, estate sale professionals, or charities to ensure their unwanted belongings find new homes and are not discarded into landfill.
Yes, we do work closely with real estate agents to facilitate the sale of seniors’ homes when the time comes for them to downsize for retirement or enter an aged care facility. We can recommend trusted professionals near you and we can provide the support you need when preparing the property for listing.
Dinah and her team can assist with the logistics of the move. These include arranging furniture placement, unpacking boxes and home organisation, and setting up essential services like mail redirection and electricity and internet connections. We strive to make the new home feel comfortable and familiar for our senior clients from the outset.
Our pricing depends on the specific services you require and the scope of the project. We are committed to providing an affordable, high-quality service with transparency at competitive prices, and we provide written quotes. Please contact Dinah today to have a chat about what you need and she can provide more information.

Contact Dinah if you have any more questions.